Collective agreement

Since we belong to the iGZ collective agreement, your earnings and your contract are based on the iGZ.
You can find out more about the iGZ collective agreement and general information on the iGZ by clicking on one of the two buttons below.
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iGZ collective agreement
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Payment with us depends on the hours worked in each month. Of course, you will also be paid if you do not have your skateboard at hand and have to wait several hours for a load or unloading by a customer. Of your hours, only the legal break will be deducted. We pay attention to your driver card and tolerate and promote no overdraft on your driver card. So we pay all your hours, except for your break. You will receive your salary until the 15th of each month. Pay cuts are possible.

The timesheets have to be handed in at the end of each week.

Flexibility / Security

Working together with more than 50 carriers means first and foremost a high degree of flexibility. Secondly, it also means “security” even with lower orders, because we will most likely always find the right one for you. Our desire is to bring you as a driver and the forwarding company as a customer, if possible and mutual satisfaction, up to 18 months together.
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We support you as a driver and people wherever we can. We pay for all your further education at your request. If you stay with us for more than 1 year, you will not be charged. If you leave our company a year ago, the training costs will be back to you.

Child benefit, tax code, holidays, and much more.

Once you’re a part of our company, you automatically gain access to the employee area of E & S. Here you’ll find instructions on forms, such as the family budget or the tax office.


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